it's a practice.

it’s always better when we’re together

This morning I practiced for an hour with a friend of mine that is unable to come to the classes i teach at school. she and i lived together freshman year and since then we have been practicing yoga together and always creating funky twists and arm balances for fun. it is so nice to share in yoga with friends: you push each other, you comfort each other, you support each other- through your breath, and through laughter. when you practice with a friend you feel like you can do anything, try anything- no judgement and no fear of falling.

when i practice with my sangha, the surge of energy carries me through a beautiful and pure practice. when i practice with friends, there is so much  silliness, it fills me with light and love. it’s easy to think of new things together, and see if a specific sequence of poses flows nicely. 

this morning we were amidst other exercisers in the gym and it was really cool to practice with distractions. it really challenged me to come back to my breath and try to stay focused on what my body was doing and how my mind was responding. the best was sharing in a flow that i had been using in my own daily practice and getting a positive response. it’s also nice to practice with my friend because we can incorporate arm balances and headstands!

in the end of the hour together we took ten breaths in child’s pose to close our fun practice. it was a great way to start my day and to learn more about my practice. so grab a friend! it’s always better when you’re together! :)image


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